Wow! It has been a blink of an eye since I just had Carlito’s and now he is 3 years of age. As a mom, I cant think about all the amazing things that I have enjoyed from the experience of being a mom for the first time. It still continues to amazed me how wonderful it is to have a little one that helps you become a better human being. At least that has been the case for me. I am a combination of melancholic and happy parent and I believe it is because it does not get easier seeing them grow right in front of your eyes.

To me, there is never enough time during the day and yet there are days as a parent you want the end of the day to come really fast, so you can rest. Adjusting your day to include your little one is a new goal that is hard to adjust to specially when you want to have quality time with them and at the same time have a balanced life.

I am sharing with you all my happiness with this photoshoot that we did to commemorate this day. I worked with Luky Photography. I adore her work and professionalism. Carlito’s is always a handful and love her patience and the ability to get the best photos of him. Please contact her to make this photoshoot for your family. It truly is an experience, so I wanted to share with you a few things that made this day unforgettable:

Hire The Best: I have had three photoshoots with Luky and I believe she hands down is the best in the DMV area. I love her entire process and how she makes you feel when working with her. I believe babies and children are a challenge as they are all different, but it does not matter to her because she jus makes them shine and connect with them. I would suggest to contact her and check her packages and offerings. There are always options for every budget and different times of the year and hey Christmas is coming to town!

Preparation is Key: We make sure this day we have everything needed for Carlito’s to be ready to go. I remember for this photoshoot he had his nap when he does not usually nap anymore, but we knew having a photoshoot at 6 was a stretch. It really did wonders and we had a great time with him because he was well rested and fed.

Outfit B: We had the idea of doing a classic photo and a fun photo. Carlito’s loves space and the Solar System, so we decided to go with this ideas but you never know how they will react. I am happy to report Carlito’s did not have any issue with his outfit and we did not have to use option B which was another outfit that I was able to return to amazon.

Doll up: Hey, as a mom we need to use these occasions to look pretty, it is not worth it to do a photoshoot and look the same as every day. I know you are tired as we all are, but you def need to use this day to do it all and look just the way you want yourself to look in the final photo album! It is really the time to be your best version.

Have Fun: It is hard to make it fun when you have so so many things going in your head. Life is a struggle with a to do list that never ends, which is why to remember this is the time to relax and just enjoy working with a professional to do it all. You just have to smile and look good and of course feed the baby lol, but remember we show outside how we are feeling inside and this is the time to show how happy you are to be alive, with a beautiful family and healthy celebrating with your favorite people.

I hope you enjoyed a little bit of my story and this fun photoshoot with Luky Photography! We Moms Rock the world! Let’s continue conquering the world One Heel at a Time!


Stefani Gamboa

I love this photo of him!
Lol! I love his smile!
We wanted to capture a classic white and jeans look of him
This was the more classic photo!
This was his fun photo
My Little Furacao!
My future astronaut 😉
Smashing the cake photo
Taking his first bite!
He loved the cake!
He only took one bite because his hands were dirty, so tidy my little one
They are my support system!
Just a proud mom, my heart is full