I hope you had a great week and September is off to a good start. Today, I wanted to share with you my beautiful pants from Minellis closet. I love to change how I look and I feel, so I wanted to change my dresses for a very powerful set of black leather pants. I think they are perfect to macth for any ocassion and they do not only very elegant but they are must have piece in your closet. I combined with a short black top and open hells shoes because it is still summer and I thought they could balance the pants to give it a more causual look. I also wore a my red sparkly earrings which added that pop of color matching with my red tones makeup. Definteltly a look to proyect youth youth and coolness. I shared with you my  beautiful mask form  Maskpr2020. Totally recommend them! They are absoulutely gorgeous and comfortable for any ocassion.

Black leather pants can be styled anyway you want, I always wanted to be paired with whie because I feel they look extra elegant. Most likely I will do another set of photos with a white top, so you can also appreciate the white on white instead of the white on black. 

Thank you for stopping by, much love always, keep achieving your dreams One Heel at at Time!


Stefani Gamboa

Photography @WilderAranibarGarcia

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