We just celebrated our little guy second birthday, and it was a blast. Carlos Alexander loves rockets, cars and trains, so we wanted to do something with this theme. I asked my friend Alejandra with her company Mi Sueno mi Maria Victoria to do the nice decoration with the blue, green and yellow pastel tones for his celebration, and I asked Kika Munoz to do some delicious cup cakes, and gelatine with the same concept. Of course a cake is the most important part, so my friend Marite Farfan made the cutest rocket  ever. We could not match the tones of the background décor with the cake colors as  they were darker than the actual decoration, but at the end of the day, we had a lot of fun and Carlitos is still playing with the ballons left over from his party. 

I remember how last year, my family did not want me to do something big for his first birthday, but I did it anyway because it was so important for me to celebrate overcoming many hardships during my post partum process.   I felt the need to celebrate  big time, and I am so glad now that I did. Not only Carlitos had a blast in the party, but I will forever remember that day as his first year in planet earth with so much JOY. He has brought us so much happiness. Now, we are living in the COVID-19 times and it is surreal that we can not have a regular party anymore. I guess what I am trying to say is that I am so GLAD I did celebrate back then and it is just nice to be validated that you need to follow your guts and your intuition. It is really powerful to be connected and act on what you feel it is right for you. It is important to listen to yourself, to be connected to your own voice and make things happen for you!

What can I say, we purchased clothes for Carlitos and he received toys and a scooter from my mom that I think he will love. We are planning to continue our daily activities outside the house following the correct safety measures, but allowing Carlitos to explore and find confidence in his own body. I always love sports and I want him to be a sports lover as well. However, I also got a gift as a parent. I have been thinking a lot about  the actions I need to take to start dealing with Carlitos development and understanding what he is going through right now as a toddler. 

I  found myself with a course call Parenting solutions and it got my attention, so I signed up for it and made the investment of a lifestime in practical solutions understanding the physcolgy behind my only child. I feel that I need to empower myself for what is ahead with my sweet boy and offer him the best version of a parent can be.  His dad is also planning to do it. I am sharing the link with you in case you are looking for answers to your questions as a parent. I believe it all comes down to this course that I am finding very educational and I can way to get practice on the tools available to having the best relationship with my little guy and making him the best person he can be.

I feel I can write forever about being a mom, what a delight. I am sharing with you some photos of this amazing day, and I hope youa re too celebrating the little moments of your little ones. I see now how as a parent the most important legacy I can leave is the education I pass on to my child. I hope you are doing the same!

Thank you for the love, I am sharing with you the beautiful fashion look I wore for this special day thank you to @minelliscloset ! Lets continue conquering our dreams One Heel at a Time!

El dia mas Feliz de mi Vida!
El cake de Carlitos con su big Rocket, he loves them
Our little happy family
They are my support system
Gun building time with my little one 😉
Selfie after three hours getting ready lol! It was worth it!

Las y los amo! 


Stefani Gamboa 

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