This past weekend, I had the opportunity to attend for the first time, Disney, On Ice. I have to say it was amazing to be there and enjoy this spectacular show that took me to the actual theme park attraction feeling. It was all I could have expected and more. It was not only perfect but magical. All the performers did a great job taking us to memory land with all the Disney stories that have become part of our lives growing up. I appreciate this art show as I understand how production at such a level requires a big team behind closed doors to make it happen.

They really brought Disney to us. For a moment, I thought Capital one arena was not in DC. They also had all the merchandise of all the characters in the show for us to buy. We love Buzz Lightyear to Infinity and Beyond quote and purchased his toy for Carlitos. I liked how all the staff was also dressed up with Disney clothes and hats. Definitely, the Feld group knows how to bring the house down with the Disney mood in every detail.

I got so emotional with the themed songs and I was singing as a little girl.  When the frozen song was playing I could not stop tearing up and feeling the lyrics. It was fascinating how my grandmother was also very emotional and specially because she has never been on a show like this. I have been on Disney in Orlando but she has never been to any big show at all. It was really nice to share her first time and my little Carlitos’ first show to Disney on Ice. He was in total awwwnesss when watching it too. We were celebrating he was turning 18 months old and he really was taking it all in. I loved how he was just watching everything and his little face gestures were showing his surprise reactions. I guess I was more surprised to realize how much bigger he looks now. I guess my little baby is not a baby anymore.

We had a beautiful time with my family and I loved how everyone there was just eager to see those smiles from their little ones. Definitely, I am officially part of the proud parents loving sharing moments like this with my family and our little ones!

Stay tuned for more Disney events in town, so you do not miss them!

Much love!

Stefani Gamboa