Family! We celebrated the most fun Halloween in Washington, DC. I had my nephew visiting and we wanted to make really special. I found out that the Ferris Wheel at the National Harbor was letting you get in for free with children with their costume. I thought it was a great opportunity to show my nephew the biggest wheel of the DMV area. Needless to say we had a great time riding the wheel and looking past the Potomac River and enjoying our day in the MGM Casino. Needless to say, it was quiet empty everywhere here, which was due to being Halloween, yet we loved not having the usual crowds everywhere. We stopped for pizzas and gelato’s here and walk outside the water fountain in the casino. It was a very beautiful day and I recorded some fun videos that you can check out ton my IG page.

We dressed up as the good boy and bad boy or better say the cops and the robber. I have to say I loved these outfits. I support the first responders and the police all the way. I know there are bad cops and good cops everywhere but in general I believe there must be justice. and a legal system in place. We need to have laws and protection and to me it comes to enforcing it so we can all have a fair justice system. I do not support defunding the police and I know these outfits are not superhero outfits of the movies but these are the costumes of our real hero’s everyday. I am the kind of person who takes the good side of things in life, and I firmly believe we need to support those who care for us.

We had events all the weekend, and it was so much fun collecting candy with my nephew and my son who now enjoys candy so much more. We visitied several Halloween spots in the area to come home with lots of sweets. These are some of the photos of this wonderful weekend.

Thank you for reading me, we continue enjoying life micro moments One Heel at a Time!

Las y los amo!


Stefani Gamboa

I had shorts for this outfit but I wore long pants instead as more appropriate for our family outing
In love with my superhero
Ferris Wheel Time
The cousins together
My nephew Thomas enjoying this celebration so much
What did you think of my costume?
Always a supporter of the American Flag, this country and its values