I am excited to share with you my photos for this Halloween 2019 celebration. Carlitos is almost 15 months and he is a toddler with so much energy. I wanted to enjoy this day and of course, dressed up with him to become Princess Leia from Stars Wars. I went to get it from https://www.amazon.com/shop/stefanigamboatv . I adored this cute outfit for him as Chewaka mini version. His outfit was very simple and simple for him. I went to my amazon account and selected this one https://www.amazon.com/shop/stefanigamboatv piece suit. It was a breeze to put it on him to make this day stress free as possible. I am all about Halloween fun, but I had little time to buy myself an outfit, so I did not have anything planned at all. I talked to a friend and she said to do an all-white Princess Leia’s recreation. I thought to myself hey it can not be that hard. I used a one-piece white dress suit below and I added another white blouse to cover my arms and a white cover-up to make my cape. I have white tennis shoes and voila here it is the final look. Carlos got to dress up as Darth Vader. I got his outfit from Party City with 70% discount. It was nothing fancy but we came across as the characters we so much love. I hope you guys had a great Halloween too. Can’t wait to share with you our Halloween look next year!

Feel free to check my favorites list in Amazon!

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