I have to say after all I have experienced so far, I am more confident talking about the things that really work from me in my process of becoming a new mom. I will share with you the ones that helped me in the process of taking care of Carlos Alexander.

First, a bassinette and a dock at the dot. I was barely sleeping after our baby came home and I must tell you these two items gave me life!!!. I thought he was going to stop breathing at any moment and honestly I was living in misery due to the lack of sleep.  Well, having such a small child is no joke, and you want them to sleep as much as possible. I felt the bassinette was perfect, he will stay there and be warmed and comfy and honestly I could see him while I was sitting in the sofa thought the mesh net it comes with the bassinette. In addition, I added the dock at the dot and it made him stay in place. He did not allow me to wrap him in the blanket since day one, you know to bundle him like a burrito J so it was important to me to give him the sense of security while sleeping. These two items were made for each other in Spanish will be Como agua para Chocolate. I must tell you I did not sleep in his bedroom at the beginning, we were sleeping my living room instead. I would stay there with my grandma for at least three months. It was easier to stay close to the kitchen and I honestly I did not have the energy to go up and down the stairs with a tiny little baby.

The second must item for a newborn, the elephant blanket or comfort blanket. My little angel loves his blankie and honestly the material is so cozy that I super recommend this type of quality. I have other blankets that my baby adores and are made of this material. I am not sure why but my baby loves to jump in the blanket and play with them. I also have another blanket like this texture in his bed and he really enjoys them. In total, I have one big playing blanket with the big elephant, one blanket for his bed that covers all around the mattress, one small blanket for him to hold on to with a little elephant, and three more blankets for me to hold him when sleeping in my arms. He falls sleep rubbing them and it signals him sleepy time anytime I have them close.  I got all of them from my mother in law as a gift but here is the info and material where you can get them.

The third item is the Baby Sound Machine- I believe once Carlos Alexander was 5 months we did the transition to his bedroom. We wanted to make sure he was ready to start a routine and become familiar with sleeping in his room. We continue his bathtime every night with baby lullabies relaxing music and projection lights for the ceilings. I have to say this has been the trick for him to have a pattern on what to expect daily.  I will bath him, play the music, turn off the light and turn on the projector, and get him his tetero or bottle. Every time it works like magic giving him a sense predictability. Until now he has been responding perfectly to our night routine and I believe this helped me with getting him to sleep through the night. Honestly, you must try it.

There are so many more things I could talk about, but for now, these are my big takeaways for getting your newborn in a pattern of familiarity in his development process in his new home. As always remember is One Heel at the Time! Xoxo, Stefani