Today, I continue in this memory land journey of my wonderful trip to Hawaii and I am sharing with you my first time surfing in Maui. I wanted to rejoice once again in this moment that to me was truly special. I have always been very energetic and lover of sports, so anything that pushes me to dare to do something different is not a challenge for me. I cherish moments that push my body and I always go with an open mind. If I do it well, great, but if I do not, well, at least I can say I tried it. 

I never thought that I could love surfing so much. Actually, I had a special profile for surfers with a particular set of skills. One of these skills being starting at a really small age. Yet, when in Maui do what locals do. The day before coming back to DC, we saw an ad on the news that showed surfing classes for everyone willing to try them. With the ALOHA spirit all around, we had no option but to sign up to and surf.

We did it with my friends at Maui Wave Riders- Kihei, and I have to say we had a blast. It was just an amazing experience. You start with an introductory class that explains the surfing board and things that you need to be aware when surfing for the first time. I  loved our instructor who is the Hawaiian representation of the aloha spirit. 

After the 20 min introductions and meeting our group, we jumped in the water. I have to confess I tried jumping on the surfing board and sailing away but I failed so so so many times. I just could not get the right timing to jump on the board and then keeping my balance. I was seeing how my classmates were doing much better than me and the professor was cherring them like hey you are a pro blah blah blah, so I was like, there is no way I will not be able to do this. I guess I had a moment of magic and I did it. I guess I realized I had nothing to loose besides falling in the water and starting all over again. From there, I just surfed like a pro! It was the nicest feeling ever.

I felt free, I felt hawaiian and I feel like a motherf**** superwoman! Lol! It was truly something. I guess it reminded me that my spirit it has always been trying my best and not giving up. This is a great example of that in this life lesson.  I hope you guys don’t give up when times get really hard. You can do it, you just have to really believe in yourself and keep pushing forward!

I wish you have a wonderful weekend! Thank you for reading my blog! Lets continue conquering our dreams One Heel at a Time!


Stefani Gamboa