Happy Thursday my social media family. Today, I wanted to share with you a very special book that have allowed me to feel better about parenthood and being a new mom. I honestly feel that having children require a mindset change due to the simple fact that life is not about ourselves anymore, but about these little humans that came from our bodies that did not ask to come to this world and to whom we will have the most special and unique connection that could ever exist.  

It is for that reason that in the process of being a mother, I have felt the need to understand my son better and to know what is my role to make him the best version of himself. In the process, I have read many books and I am hoping I can share all of them with you. This one in particular made me understand all the good stuff that goes on in his brain and what he needs from me now and the years to come to grow, shine, be happy and joyful and close to me. This is why I wanted to recommend three lessons from it that are very simple yet very valuable, so you can too feel better about making your children feel they belong in this crazy and complicated world with this guide:

Consistency is key

The book talks about the importance of cracking the code on everyday routinesuch as eating, sleeping, and potty training. It is important to stick to a routine in the day, so they become confident children as they thrive when routines are in place. It really builds their confidence because they know what to expect from you and their day ahead every day. This confidence builds character and decision making. Remember, don’t forget to be flexible and repeat everything as much as you can but always at their own pace, it will guarantee your son will soon understand this is the way to do things while at the same time having fun with you in the process.

Know your Parenting style

You know what kind of parent you are? I did not know, but after reading about it, I learned that I am a very controlling mom lol! I learned that I need to take it easy on my son because he has the same personality and character I have, so we can easily bump heads. To me, this was key. Therefore, I know:

-I Don’t push him to be something he is not 

-I am not shamming my baby for not being what other expect him to be (even me) in social situations

-I am not asking him to be close/follow with other people if he does not want to just because he is expected to do so

For instance, Don’t push them to Do anything such as:

Playing soccer: He needs to Like it and he needs to have fun, I just need to remember to Congratulate his effort 

Have Empathy with your children

I have seen how naming feelings and emotions that my son is most likely having are better managed when I label them. I recognize if he is sad, upset, lost, confused, happy, surprised etc. and tell him I recognize them even though they are against I want him to do most of the time like when he is having a tantrum. 

I make him feel I  understand him and tell him what I am doing to make him feel better, it really helps to connect with him in a different level. It is important to recognize the desire even if it won’t be fulfilled in that way, but be sure they know you are paying close attention to what they are feeling.

I will share no more than these three important lessons today from this amazing book, so you can digest and think about your own experiences with your children. I will continue touching on these lessons and my perspective and experience with the hope these observations will help you to become a better parent. 

Thank you for stopping by we continue making our dreams a reality One Heel at a Time!