We were invited to the White House Easter Celebration! What can I say, we could not say no, so off we went! We got ready to have a beautiful sunny day, but things did not work out as we expected and it was cold and rainy, so we really did not enjoy ourselves as much as we would have liked, but despite all odds we made it to the White House.

It was a very nice, well put together event. The people that attended were super polite and amicable. The staff was super nice and were handing items to all the attendees at the end of the event. Carlitos got a goodie bag to bring candies and toys home and he was happy it was all over because it was a long day for him.

We barely made it with the rain and we took the long route to get there so we walked and we forgot my son’s stroller and lord and behold he is heavy. LOL! It was like we had all odds against us. We were so tired by the time we got there. Yet, Carlitos was excited to do some egg hunting and we were able to play some games but he did not have much patience so we just walked around a little bit and snapped these quick photos. Just wanted to share the experience with you because it was really cute and special. My mom was so super happy and I was glad to spend this time with her. Just imagine two colombians with very humble beginnings that never thought could be walking in the South Lawn of the White House having a wornderful time. It was a special moment after all just embracing that feeling! I hope we are invited again and hopefully next time we get a better weather and we do not waste so much time going around and of course we do not forget the stroller ajajja game changer! Anyway, I am just a mom that keep it real with you all so I had to be honest! In any case, if you are ever invited just go like we did, it is ALL WORTH IT!

Hope you enjoy Easter, we had such a wonderful time this past  Holly Week, I have so much to give thanks that I was just grateful for being alive, being a mom and being on planet earth. I did not have a nice Easter last year, I had medical issues a year ago, so I enjoyed this time to give thanks to GOD for all I have all I am.

Blessings come to those who have God in their hearts! I am a witness of that and I want to invite you to find him in yours.

Wishing you continue conquering your dreams One Heel at a Time!

Much love!

Stefani Gamboa