We are living in times of a pandemic #coronavirus in just the beginning of 2020. I am still in shock of what is happening. One side of me is in denial and the other one is trying to read and understand everything that is happening. It is kind of depressing at times especially having my almost 80-year-old grandma living with us and my baby boy who is only 19 months old. I do not want to be pessimistic at all but the news does not show a positive outlook. With all of that said, I want to continue life as it is normal. I hope these photos make your day a brighter one. I am wearing a beautiful two-piece costumed design by my friend @Minellis’ closet who has the most beautiful clothing line. I wanted to share with you this cute dress that I loved for this time of the year. I hope you like it as much as I do. It is romantic, fitted to the curves and I matched with beige high heels. I wore flower earrings and my hair curly for this look.  If you are thinking in a wow dress for any occasion, I totally recommend them to you!

Once again, I wish you all to stay safe and sound with your families, I have faith we will be ok at the end of this!

Let’s do this together by washing our hands for 20 seconds! and stopping the #coronavirus One Heel at a time! We can do this!

Stay safe! Las amo!


Photography @Wilder Aranibar Garcia

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