I have been watching the news lately and I noticed how I get anxious after hearing the updates from the coronavirus. It seems like it is all going out of control and I can’t but feel sad and depressed. I also noticed how I started feeling sick after watching a video of the symptoms of this virus. I could not stop feeling like I was not able to breathe. I do not know why I felt this way. I kept telling myself I was ok but I could not control feeling out of breath. I stop watching TV and decided I was not going to turn on the TV but only to watch positive news or news about the latest updates that are informative without getting into details of the actual symptoms.

Call Your Doctor

I  believe I am not alone feeling this way, and it is important to feel positive and reassure ourselves we are going to be ok. I needed to do something to feel better for my own sake and peace of mind. I decided to call my doctor and tell them I was not feeling well. We did a video consultation and they said I probably have allergies and told me to keep checking my symptoms closely. I have to go pick up the medicine for the pharmacy and hopefully, that will help with my itchy eyes and runny nose.

Be Grateful

I wanted to share my own experience with you and let you know that you need to find a way to cope with this that helps you feel better. I talk to my family and friends all the time and it is helping me to take one day at a time. I am also grateful for the things that I have and not for what I do not have. It helps me to be appreciative of the blessings in my life and reminds me that I can help other people in more need.


I have been working out every day. I have a pilates machine that I use and it is really helping to relieve stress. I feel it brings me so much happiness during this time. I feel sometimes like I am building so much energy inside that I need to release it. I recommend you find something to do right now for you and your mental health. ���


I am sharing with you these photos to bring you a smile! I have this dress that reminds me of the rainbow. Just like after a big storm at the end of the day, we will have the rainbow at the end of the difficult times. A reminder that everything will be ok! Even if it is me, with a smile and my rainbow jumpsuit! Also, watch things to laugh about. I am watching impractical jokers a show that cracks me out to the core and I started to do tik tok, so you will see more of me trying to stay positive and tik tok will do the trick for me!

Sending you all my love, we will enjoy better times soon! Lets stay home and take one day, One Heel at a Time!

Photography @WilderAranibar

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