Today in my blog, I share with you the perfect 4th of July outfit. I usually go for the red, navy blue or white for this celebration. However, at @minelliscloset the endless possibilities of elegant dresses to pick from are endless and breath taking gorgeous. Every time I had in polka dots, I think in pretty woman. I love that movie and now you also know I am an 80’s baby. Well, in the movie you know how they do her makeover and guess what to make her look like a million bucks, she wear a …. yes, you guessed it! A polka dot dress for the polo scene.

I have been dying to wear a dress like this, so I picked this cute outfit that made me feel like a princess. Honestly, it is a two piece polka dots dress. The baby blue tone with the white is a classic contrast that will be forever associated with class and elegance. If you know me, I usually go with more fitted pieces (very latina type of course) to show my figure but as I am learning about fashion I feel that one requirement is to try new things and this was one of them.

This piece is really different and very femenine. The long skirt was absolutely awesome. I felt like Alice in Wonderland with it and the top is perfect to give me a young and modern look but still showing my abs. I loved how I felt and you know how you feel in your clothes really push ahead in life with motivation and with a je ne se que je ne se qua 😉 and it is a piece that will make you stand out from the crowd. The material was fresh and it so comfortable to walk on this dress. I used my white high heels and simple earrings. Honestly, if you have this piece in your wardrobe, you are on your way to be a fashionista for sure.

I recommend you to get your classy polka dots piece and keep it in your closet, it is timeless and will definitely make you shine day and night!

Hope you enjoy your 4th of July weekend with your family and loved ones, this is my recommended look to celebrate fashion at its best, Let enjoy life One Heel at a Time!

Thank you for stopping by, xoxo,

Stefani Gamboa

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