Today, I share with you this cute look from Minelis Closet. I really loved this top that I feel will be flattering for any figure and it really makes you feel comfortable in your own skin. It is summer and you must have a white blouse and a cute blouse. This one for sure meets both of my quotes for a look that is fresh, modern and classic. I like the cut of the top, so you can still look stylish. Plus, you can really have the comodity to have something that looks nice, but not necessarily fitting your figure especially in summer days when it is so hot. Finally, the material is a very good resistant that will not damage as easily as cotton. I really love this top and made me feel like a godess. I combined with a short top from also Minellis’s closet and my white high sandals. I put a white rose on my hair and I styled very summery like. Also,I used big colerful earrings to pop the look and used a bright pinkish lipstick from Mac. 

I hope you like how I combined this look which you can also wear with jeans. This is  a good idea for a cute and modern fun look for Father’s day. Wishing you have a wonderful weekend celebrating the man in your life One Heel at a time! Much love always, and thanks for stopping by.


Stefani Gamboa

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