Start your Day with a Great Drink

Yo me levanto todos los dias y me tomo un shake. Antes hacia mucho herbalife y lo amaba intensamente. Me funciono y la verdad me cambiaba la actitud con la que comenzaba el dia. Ahora estoy haciendo un shake cada manana de avena, proteina, frutas y maca. Me da una llenura super rica y me pone de animo para ir a cazar mis metas del dia. Osea alguien dijo super Stefani?

Give Gratitude

I wake up everyday and I AM super THANKFUL! To GOD! I am just appreciative of my life, my circustances and I take this moment to smilie about the little things that make me happy like my son starting to walk. I take it all in and honestly I feel complete.


I  also use this time to think about my feelings, what is bothering me, why I feel sad, or less happy. There are days we are not motivated at all. Something happen that day that makes you feel moody. When I have my period, I am another person. I just feel down like I do not want to do s**t. It is ok to look inside and see why you feel this way and make a plan to make it right. I usually either take an extra nap, or eat something sweet, or exercise or call a friend or just plan something fun for the weekend that keeps me smiling and having something to look forward to.

Don’t look at your Phone ALL DAY LONG!

Lately, I have been trying to work on myself and social media takes so much time. I saw that I was watching things on my phone that were not adding any value to my long-term goals or my short-term goals. I decided to reduce the time I spend on my phone and more on quality time for myself. I am using this time to work on my blog and my projects that will be more rewarding in the long-term. Reducing the distractions that do not add anything to where you are going is a MUST!

I hope these four habits make sense to you! Hope you are taking One Heel at a Time!O mejor dicho Tomando un Taconazo a la Vez! Yolo!

With Love!


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