I wanted to write about this amazing experience I had in the beautiful Riviera Maya in Mexico specifically at Xenses, an attraction park that I would like to strongly recommend for you to visit in the near future. I want to start saying that I have not experienced something similar before in my life and I enjoyed very much for several reasons. At Xenses you’ll be aware of everything your body can feel!

Siempre lista para una aventura

The park is divided in two areas. The dry experience and the wet experience. However, these are the names I remember because in one you get in the water and do all these fun wet activities, and the other one is the dry  part before you get wet. LOL.  I am sharing the link to the park https://www.xensespark.com/about-xenses.php where you will get more details of all these really cool areas. 

Love the sayings all over the park

First, it is an opportunity to connect with yourself. I had a moment that stroke a cord. I did the Xensatorium portion of the dry part and I never thougth I could feel this way. I do not want to spoil it for you but it was a feeling like you are naked and alone in the darkness. It is a path that takes you through different nature settings in the dark.

Mi experiencia resumida en una foto

I thought it was scary at first, but then I realize I was really not alone and I needed to relax and enjoy, and I did. I walked for 15 min totally alone and I felt lost, like in a movie where you do not know if the character is coming home after being in the middle of nowwhere. I  just felt sad somehow to think that was my reality forever. I do not know maybe it made me feel I was alone in the world and I was missing everyone and everything.

Amo los limones y tu?

Yet, I walked the path and realize I could hear, and feel everyhing. It was just an emotional journey that really awoken my Xenses. I felt  anxious but talking to myself in the process was a really good way to remember that it was only me, and I was my own person with nobody to come and save her. At the same time, I was happy to be alive and to be experiencing everything so clearly, so closely, so real. It was like I have never touch water, felt plants or being out in the nature. It is really funny how an experience changes you when you cant see and when you remove all the distractions that come with your eyesight. 

Cierra tu ojos cada vez que quieras conocer el corazón de alguien

I think that any opportuntiy that alllows you connect with the inner you is priceless. It reminds you who you are, and what is in you, and what is important to you. To me, it made me value my life a lot more. I walked out there feeling like a stronger womanI felt I conquered something even as small as the Xenxatorium but that really made me feel like I was wonderwoman. I just wanted to give love to eveyrone around me. I missed my son so much that I could not wait to hug him and kiss him so much. At the end of the journey, you see this light at the end of the tunnel, I could not hold my tears. I just coul dnot stop because I was emotional from the entire thing because it reminds me that life is a journey where we really do not know where it will take us or how it will end, but I do believe there will be a light at the end of the tunnel. It reminds me This light is with us all the time, if you seek it, you wil find it throught your life and it will guide you in the right direction.

Con el mi corazón

I want to end my invitation today to explore your Xenses, but you do not need to go to the actual park if you cant, but instead find opportunties where you can enjoy yourself in activities that disconnect you with our crazy daily lives that consummed  us to the extent of forgetting to be happy with just ourselves. I appreciated this amazing trip because it forced me to do that find myself again. Find yourself eveytime you can, it will really allow you to start fresh all over again.

Hope you enjoy my artilce, I hope you continue conquering your fears One Heel at the Time!


Stefani Gamboa

Viviendo en tiempos de Covid-19

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