Today in the blog, I wanted to feature a beautiful and classy look for summer from @Minelli’s Closet. I received this top and short set from Minelli’s closet. I  usually wear a different type of short and I really liked making a change. These shorts are not fitted and the top and it is also has a more classic cut and look. I really liked this brick color on the set. It is really perfect for summer weather and just to be comfy but elegant. For any look, you will always see these key items.

1-      Jewelry Statement Pice- I have noticed how earrings are a game-changer for me. They really make any outfit stand out. I usually like gold and I used these heart-shaped earrings for this outfit. I love they were gold and thought they were perfect for my mood and look.

2-      Bright Lips- My look is not the same without a nice colorful lipstick. It seems they bring out the happiness in me. I used this orange tone from Mac to match the tone of my look

3-      Shoes- Well, my blog is called One Heel at a Time, so you know I will wear heels (Smile). However, these gladiator looking heels made the outfit stand out more. I know it is brown but again it goes with the overall consistency inspired by the earth. I also love shoes but for this outfit, heels were definitely the most. They not only make me look taller but more sophisticated.

4-      Hair- I tried to change my hair all the time, especially because I love to play with my hair extensions and avoid damaging my own hair, so I pulled my hair on top and to the sides to give it a twist and make it more fun. I hope you guys notice the difference.

I believe when you put attention to these little things, it can really make any outfit stand up and make it cuter.  Thank you for following my adventures, we continue to conquer the world. One Heel at a time! Las y los amo!

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