I did a special shoot to celebrate Xmas this year. I went to the Fairmont Hotel in Washington, DC, and I wore this beautiful dress from @minelliscloset. Josie’s faces did my makeup and I loved it. I pampered myself with this photoshoot to celebrate life, my gym routing starting to pay off and just feeling sexy back in my own skin.

I have to say this has been one of the hardest things to do. I believe it is because after becoming a mom your brain switches to mama bear mentality, you are adjusting to your new bundle of joy and it all revolves around them. I  took this day to celebrate me, and all the hard work I have put in to take time for me. I have not only worked on my body but on my spirit. I now go to church more and Carlitos is the main reason.

It is important to take moments like this to just mark moments of your life that will never come back. I am realizing I need to live in the present because certainly, I am not sure what is ahead of me. I am also grateful for where I am and what I have today. I hope you are also taking little moments like this for yourself and wear a beautiful dress like mine that honestly made me feel like a million buck! People celebrate different ways, for me this was a way to just enjoy feeling pretty in a new stage of my life!

So let Stay sexy in 2020! and make the most of ourselves #Oneheelatatime



Photography by @WilderAranibar