I have continued to keep working from home with all this pandemic situation we are currently facing and I thought it will be great to make the most out of this experience. It is important to stay productive while at home and I wanted to share a few tips of the things that we can do to maximize our time at home and avoid unnecesary distractions while helping you to keep your mind occupy while we overcome the virus.

Talk to your coworkers

I noticed how important it is to talk to  people and stay uptodate with the latest news. I find it helpful to speak with them and just ask them how are they doing and how they are coping with this unprecendented situation. I like to hear stories and get ideas of the things that people can do to stay positive and keep our hopes up.

Start early

I am not an early person, but I feel waking up early help me do more, and allow me to organize my day better. I want to feel I am doing more and I feel doing this during my work week allows me to do more, therefore feeling more productive.

Have an agenda

Just having  a to do-list of things I need to accomplish helps me to make sure I achieve the most during my day and use my time wisely. Usually, I like to do the more diffuclt things first and the easiest ones at the end of the day when my poor brain cells are exhausted. I feel I save myself time doing this and get to tackle what I do not want to do first thing in the morning.

Take your lunch break

As regular work, you need to take breaks and make sure you use them to step away from your desk and eat in your dining room, play with your baby like me and just appreciate whatever is not work. It really helps to give you fuel to keep going.

Have  a Clean Desktop Area

A clean area for work is so important for productivity. I feel like when I  have a mess around me, I just don’t want to be there. It is just the same with your desk, so I recoomend you to have a nice space to have the best day possible that motivates you to do work.

I hope you can take away some ideas to use them for your own benefit! Again, lets take the necessary precautions for the safety of ourselves and our families. Thank you for stoping by and remember we will overcome any challenges One Heel at a time!


Stefani Gamboa

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